Accessible and affordable electricity is a major global issue.

1.3 billion people are without electricity, and over 800 million people depend on high cost, polluting fossil fuel generators for their power. However, over 71% of the planet is covered with slowly moving water in rivers, canals, and ocean currents.

A huge, untouched global market exists to provide electricity where it is unavailable, and also to replace the millions of fuel-burning generators currently supplying power at very high cost.



Waterotor can address this global market creating a revolutionary new era of low cost electrical energy nearly everywhere. Developed over the past 5 years, it is now proven and ready for assigned manufacturers.

Waterotor fills the market void that exists for an energy to electricity system, when fully submerged in water even moving as slow as 2 mph. It is a unique drum like ‘rolling torque induction system’ that can operate nearly everywhere to satisfy electrification on a global scale. Waterotor is an advanced precisely defined, patented, proven and scalar technology.



Waterotor is a patented breakthrough technology. No other water energy extraction device has managed to produce an equivalent of high energy while operating in very low water flow speeds, as slow as 2 mph. Waterotor captures consistent and economical electricity, from it’s sealed attached generators, when submerged within ocean currents, rivers and canals.

This unique invention is due to the way Waterotor achieves maximum torque, resulting in a high coefficient of power. The generator converts energy from pure torque moments in contrast to systems with propeller or wing-like blades which require much higher flow velocities to achieve or match the same Coefficient-of-Power in flow speeds below 9 mph.

Water has 830 times more energy than wind thus a small device in water can economically harness a large amount of energy around the clock. Waterotor is an engineering breakthrough, with significant advantages over previous systems. These advantages enable early global market penetration.

The Company

Waterotor Energy Technologies Inc. was founded in 2011 for the expressed purpose of completing Waterotor commercialization through advanced full-scale prototype demonstrations, product and market readiness.

Now, the company has chosen prime manufacturing contractors and stands ready to satisfy global market demands for reliable, economical, renewable electrical energy.

Fred Ferguson


Mr. Ferguson’s technologies have provided multiple innovative solutions for renewable energy. He is founder of Magenn Power, a company that demonstrated a helium-filled air rotor designed by Mr. Ferguson that captures wind energy and convert it to electrical power.

Mr. Ferguson is a past Director of the Air Industries Association of Canada and past Chairman of the AIAC Canadian Civil Airworthiness Directorate. He is a recipient of the Canadian Government’s Industry Award for Excellence in Invention, for advances in aerospace and he is a recipient of the Phillips Petroleum Award for problem solving. He received the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) (NASA) Award of merit for Innovative Technologies for planet Mars surveillance.

David Laird


Before joining the Waterotor Energy Technologies and GBA development and project management group, David Laird retired in 2010 as Vice President of the Transactions Advisory Group of PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”).

During his tenure at PwC David was assigned to the extended Project Management Team for several projects with GBA including the ROH, Ottawa Convention Centre, and Lansdowne Park Redevelopment.

Prior to joining PwC in 1989, David was a financial and operations executive for public and private companies in the aerospace and technology industries.

Anthony Asterita

Vice President

Mr. Asterita has 30 years experience in project management and systems development for both the United States Air Force and the commercial sector. He has a long track record in developing master plans, organizing teams, and orchestrating development efforts to complete projects successfully. An example is the development of a major USAF weapon system from the early stages of development through a production decision. He has worked closely with Fred Ferguson over the past 15 years and has brought several design innovations through development and test stages. He is an aeronautical engineer with an MS in Systems Management.

Mark Seguin


Mr. Seguin his past Senior Project Director of Bell Northern. He lead two divisions which exist today with revenue bases of over $1 B each. Mark is overseeing all aspects of operations including manufacturing and market analysis.

Michael Palmer

Legal and Compliance

Dr. Palmer has Extensive legal experience having provided guidance to a range of companies for over 30 years in various business disciplines.  Dr. Palmer’s particular focus is on contracts and business ethics, oversight to Waterotor’s corporate attorneys.

Thom Wolstenholme

Chief Engineer

Thom has more than 25 years experience in application engineering for power management and monitoring systems. Thom manages all engineering disciplines from concept to pre-production. Thom works closely with Mr. Ferguson and the technical team.

Wesley George

Senior CAD Designer

Wesley has over 15 years experience in mechanical design and development.  Specializing in mechanical design automation as a CAD expert and 3D graphics artist, Wesley has been formulating design solutions with Mr. Fred Ferguson for over ten years.


ViGYAN provides quality engineering analyses, wind tunnel services, and computer support for its government and commercial customers. ViGYAN is a NASA contractor with an excellent track record of success.

RTS Companies Inc. – Roto-Mold and mass production Prime Manufacturer. Also provides system integration for Waterotor.. RTS is ready to train and supplement global manufacturing locations in countries licensed by Waterotor.

Black and McDonald – is an integrated, multi-trade global engineering contractor providing electrical, mechanical, utility, and maintenance services to global Waterotor markets.

The Manny Pacquiao Group

Philippines Leading Congressman


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