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Waterotor Energy Technologies
Low cost power
from slow moving water

Waterotor is a breakthrough patented hydrokinetic technology that converts over 50% of the available energy in slow moving water (streams, rivers, canals and Ocean currents) into electricity at speeds as slow as 3.2 km/h (0.9 m/s).

The excellent performance of the Waterotor is due to our unique rotor that was developed, tested and refined in a NASA wind tunnel. The rotor blades are very robust and have carefully engineered curved surfaces on both sides of the blade. This patented feature allows for high drag and high lift to be generated simultaneously. The result is higher generated power in all water speeds, and the ability to operate efficiently in slow-moving flows whereas our competitors need higher speeds. This enables Waterotor to stand alone in penetrating vast untapped markets.

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Breakthrough technology

Unique Features & Options

Waterotor can address this global market creating a revolutionary
new era of low cost electrical energy nearly everywhere.


Low speed water

Waterotor can operate in very slow moving water as slow as 2 mph


Zero fuel needed

Power generated without the need for fuel


Working around the clock

Generates power 24 x7 whereas wind or solar do not


Low ecological effects

Waterotors are non-invasive; environmentally and marine life friendly



Fits in the back of a truck, and up to 20 units in an ISO Container


Robust, very strong construction & easy to install

Off-The-Shelf Boat hull type materials allow localized mass construction.


Quality components

Constructed out of very strong rotomolded plastic so it does not corrode in salt water.



Sophisticated warranted generator pods are field replaceable units


Interested in revolutionizing the world of renewable energies?

Let’s get technical

Waterotors Commercial Ready

Waterotor’s breakthrough technology converts over 50%
of the available energy in flowing water to electricity at very low speeds.



Estimated Target Price TBD TBD TBD
Rated Generated Power @
4 mph
1,000 watts 10,000 watts 1,000,000 watts
Power Output Form 120 or 240 Volts AC 50HZ or 60HZ
Operating Temperature Range 34°F to 120°F
+1°C to 50°C
Minimum Water Depth 112cm or 44in Submerged depth of at least 1.5 x’s height of any waterotor
Time to Install on site 4 to 8 hours
Effect on Environment / River Life None
Availability to Select Partners for Testing 2024 2024 TBD