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Waterotor large ‘printed’ first product prototype parts, Summer 2018.

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Canadian Hydrokinetic
Turbine Test Centre

Waterotor intends to start long term operations at the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre (CHTTC), located on the Winnipeg River in Seven Sisters Falls, Manitoba. (CHTTC is a national centre focused on the testing of hydrokinetic turbines in Canada).

​The center offers an actual commercial setting with the following assets: regulatory approval, equipment for manned and unmanned deployment and retrieval, a connection to the Manitoba Hydro utility grid using CSA standards for operating new power converters and test equipment to study the impact of the environment on turbines and the impact of the turbines on aquatic life.

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Waterotor running continuously

The CHTTC provides an opportunity to better understand the operational effects of hydrokinetic devices on the environment and provides information to help inform regulatory decisions for future projects.

The first product we will begin long term demonstration on is our 1,000 watt model, followed by our 10kW and large systems.