The Global Problem

Accessible and affordable electricity is a major global issue. There are 1.2 billion people without electricity, and over 800 million people depend on high cost, polluting fossil fuel generators for their power.

However, over 71% of the planet is covered with slowly moving water in rivers, canals, and ocean currents – an available but untapped source of power.

A huge, untouched global market exists to provide electricity where it is unavailable, and also to replace the millions of fuel-burning generators currently supplying power at high cost.


The Waterotor solution

Waterotor’s breakthrough technology converts over 50% of the available energy in flowing water to electricity at speeds as slow as 2.0 mph (0.9 m/s). Waterotor will produce power as low as $0.05 per kW-hour at 5.5 mph (2.46 m/s) and lower than $0.15 at 4 mph (1.78 m/s). No other technology in this low speed realm, has proven this breakthrough for water-powered electricity.

According to the US Patent Office, this is a new era of energy capture due to Waterotor’s new blade design technology that simultaneously provides high lift and high drag.

When fully deployed, Waterotor technology will help meet the United Nation’s 2030 goal of sustainable development, bringing electricity to more than 2 billion people.

Rivers, canals, and major ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream are all venues for Waterotor and contain all the energy needed to power the planet and without carbon emissions.

Unlike propeller turbines submerged within water flow speeds that must be in excess of 6.5 mph and are harmful to the environment, the Waterotor is inexpensive, simple, robust, is easily installed, and doesn’t harm marine life.


Waterotor Energy Technologies
Power from slow moving water

Waterotor can address this global market creating a revolutionary new era of low cost electrical energy nearly everywhere.


Applications & Markets

Waterotor is looking to engage one or more global manufacturer and or major power companies to enable rapid deployment worldwide for:



Electricity for 1.2 billion people who are unserved


First response

Disaster relief applications


Low cost energy

Electricity for 800 million people who depend on gas generators and pay too much


Power everywhere

Offshore oil and gas platforms



Military & Industrial applications


Interested in revolutionizing the world of renewable energies?