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Revolutionary new era of low cost electrical energy


World Wide Interest

Waterotor has received market interest in the form of over 63+ MILLION Facebook / YouTube Video Views, over 6,000 purchase requests and over 144 Distributor requests from over 100 countries worldwide.

The annual Market Size for W.E.T.’s products are $55 billion (2016) to over $99 billion per year (by 2022). W.E.T. is predicting gross margins over 50% and anticipates over $1 Billion in sales from its partners in a few short years. W.E.T. is presently in talks for over 100,000 units (over only 10 countries).

W.E.T. intends to engage in exclusive “Strategic Partnerships with a large company/s for the manufacture, sale, and support of Waterotor products worldwide within the next 12 months. W.E.T. plans a major ‘breakout within 6 months to announce to the world this breakthrough technology for a new global era of Renewable Energy.

Waterotor is funded through private investments. We welcome inquiries from individual accredited investors, organized angels groups, venture capital funds as well as corporate investors. Please contact us to discuss your interests and the opportunity.


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Questions & Answers

Yes, Waterotor is fully patented World-wide, over 80 countries have issued patents – with extensively added patents each year, pending advances plus providing patent fencing. Waterotor patents are jumbo patents with a very high degree of Global protection.

Waterotor is not a publicly traded company and we are not listed on any stock exchanges. We have starting a Series “A” round of financing. If you are interested in investing please let us know HERE.

Our initial target markets for Waterotor are the following:

  • The 1 billion people today that do not have electricity and will never be connected to the grid
  • The 800 million people that have electricity but it is very expensive (i.e. running off of a diesel generator for a few hours a day at around costs of $0.50 to $1.00/kW-hour).
  • Off grid living where electricity grid connections are not available or affordable
  • Disaster relief situations like Puerto Rico
  • Military & Naval applications
  • Oil and Gas Platform Maintenance
  • Eventually Primary electricity production for major grids -from ocean currents (Gulf Stream, etc.)