First Array of Waterotor Turbines


Canadian Company Waterotor Releases New Demo Video Showing Disruptive Clean Tech that Produces Low Cost Electricity from Slow Moving Water

Ottawa – Canadian clean tech company, Waterotor Energy Technologies Inc., has released a new video demonstrating the revolutionary Waterotor at the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Center on the Winnipeg River in Seven Sisters Falls, Manitoba.

The Waterotor is a new breakthrough technology that converts more than two thirds of the available energy to electricity when submerged in water flowing even as slowly as one mile per hour.

Fred Ferguson, CEO of Waterotor Energy Technologies, Inc., has led his team in the design and development of the Waterotor over the past 10 years in anticipation of the current global clean tech boom.

Mr. Ferguson said the Waterotor is now fully proven to operate in oceans, rivers, and even under ice without harming fish or the environment. “Innovation is an issue of problem solving,” he said. “We’ve created a new era of energy production; a core solution-technology that can be used virtually everywhere at a good value.”

There is already excitement about the U.S. expansion with projects starting soon in Massachusetts’ Cape Cod Canal and in Louisiana with a big Waterotor being produced for the Florida Gulf Stream. Waterotor is responding to interest from traditional oil and gas companies to help them in their transition to a low carbon business model.

“The oil and gas industry is just as cognizant as governments and individuals that solar, wind and now mega-energy Waterotors will become an increasingly large part of the renewable energy solution,” Mr. Ferguson said.

Mr. Ferguson believes his invention and engineering breakthrough offers significant advantages and will enable global market penetration.

“Earth is 71% water, and much of it is slow moving,” Mr. Ferguson continued. “No other water energy device has managed to produce equivalent high energy while operating in very low water flow speeds. Water is 830 times more powerful than wind and it flows continuously. That means our Waterotors can harness an enormous amount of energy without interruption. And because it’s submerged, it won’t interfere with boats, harm our oceans or hurt marine life.”

“Waterotor is the result of understanding advanced flow dynamics in creating an energy extraction device,” he said. “What we have here is a unique breakthrough in extracting power from slow flowing water. Turning this idea into a reality has required vision, an expert team and the ability understand economic cost competitiveness in global markets.”

In addition to the Winnipeg River site, Waterotor is completing the final phase of demonstrations in major global sites further proving this robust system is environmentally friendly and the lowest cost of any renewable energy.

Mr. Ferguson expects a major global construction company and/or power companies to take over for ocean-produced electricity worldwide.


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