Waterotor at Miami Natural Disasters Expo March 2023

Global Electricity Breakthrough – Green source of electricity
everywhere! Captured from flow in Oceans, Rivers, & Canals.


Miami, FL & New Iberia, LA – 71 % of our planet is covered in extremely slow moving water. The kinetic
energy from even the slowest moving water is 830 times more powerful than wind. Waterotor Energy
Technologies Inc. based in Ottawa, Canada and Louisiana, USA has completed 10 years of testing and is
ready for the world. This breakthrough technology is scalable, from specifically small Waterotor systems
to giant ocean floating systems.

Waterotor is about to change the world’s reliance on fossil fuels. Proven to consistently capture more
than half of the available energy in water flow, even at speeds as slow as 1 mph. The global landscape is
immense for this technology as it has the capability to substantially lead the current production of
renewable energy on our planet. The company is expanding its technology base for major global
manufacturers and power companies patented in over 110 countries to provide low cost electricity.

Fred Ferguson, Waterotor CEO, Founder & Inventor, will be presenting on stage March 1st at 12:30 PM
at the Natural Disaster Expo in Miami, FL. He will also be available at the Waterotor booth March 1-2,
2023, for the duration of Expo. Mr. Ferguson and his team will be showcasing how over $25 Million in
privately funded research, including location tests and demonstrations, is leading to changing the
world’s electricity power landscape.

This worldwide patented technology, utilizes novel, slow rolling, drum-like, submerged rotors to capture
water speed energy conversion. Creating power to supplement not only villages and communities, but
the power grids of entire countries.

“Waterotor’s technology provides access to a massive, untouched source of renewable energy for the
first time in history,” said Fred Ferguson. No one has successfully commercialized energy production
from flat moving water until now, which brings us to begin a new era of renewable energy.”

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